Aviation Consultancy

Emir Aviation is comprised of professionals with extensive experience and international network to provide customized advice for your business. We have the broad experience of real significance delivering across the full range of technical advice and solutions, management support, project management, coaching, twining arrangements, setting up new ventures, the policy reforms, organizational restructuring, security and technology systems solutions, and training.

We offer an expansive range of incorporated services and solutions to business owners, and corporations. No matter what expertise you need, we are set to scrutinize your opportunities and build up a strategy for greater success. We seek to serve our clients as the most trusted external consultant on the greatest challenges facing your company.

We are dedicated to facilitating effective encouragement tailored to meet the needs of each client in a proficient and cost-effective manner. We offer competitive rates, on time, professional follow-up and a variety of consulting services to meet the requirements of our clients. Our goal is to provide high eminence work and astral service economically by maximizing the use of technology and keeping our overhead costs low.

Policy Advice:

We provide a range of financial, operational, and project management advice. These include specific financial programming and budgeting at the firm as well as project levels, specific operation management support, and transaction financing. We provide financial feasibility reviews, fleet planning and a fortitude of aircraft availability. We evaluate operating and financial lease options. We make strategic market evaluations, demeanor market research, and work on airport and aircraft marketing and management issues. We do your groundwork to make sure you have the precise idea about the situation so that the basic information on which you base your commerce decisions is accurate.

Setting-Up New Ventures:

Emir Aviation Team has expertise and the experience of assisting our clients with the setting-up new airline operations and maintenance facilities and seeing them through the certification process by the regulatory authorities under the FAA, GACA, EASA, and GCAA regulatory systems. Our experts have an average of more than 25 years of relevant desk and field experience in their respective areas of expertise, working for and with many airlines, MROs, and maintenance teams, including Air Force One, as staff, consultants or on secondment basis. We can help you to crystalize your business plan, prepare your entire financial plans and manpower budgets, prepare your operational manuals and train your team in maintaining up-to-date technical records, design and develop your engineering department and your aircraft maintenance plan, set up state-of-the-art CAMO (continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organization), choose your fleet, develop your commercial and route planning and price-setting schemes, and train your team on these functions.

Restructuring and Right-Sizing:

We provide restructuring and right-sizing services to assist underperforming organizations in a financial and operational capacity. Whether our clients are suffering from overall market conditions, liquidity constraints, deteriorating operations or are in an over-leveraged position, our skilled professionals assist them with a multitude of issues and provide financial and operational guidance. We work with your team to quickly stabilize performance by developing and implementing a restructuring plan that addresses the immediate challenges your business is facing. Our team of professionals then guide you in developing a long term comprehensive plan that is built on your organization's unmatched strengths.

Choice of Technology and Security Systems:

Emir Aviation combines profound technology proficiency and strategy capabilities to cover the entire range of technology capabilities—from developing strategy to designing solutions and procuring the required infrastructure and software for optimizing the IT infrastructure and applications. Our experts and our sister IT-company, APNAR Technologies DMCC, help your company attain greater business value from your investment in IT. Our professionals are experienced with intrepid, value-creating approaches which would assist your business in competing with today's technology-intensive and ever-changing aviation industry.

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