Our Team of Professionals

Emir Aviation’s Board of Directors is chaired by Dr. Pirouz Hamidian-Rad and includes prominent members of the aviation industry and investors. The Board provides the framework for, and oversees the operations of, the company. The Chairman of the Board also functions as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. A team of external auditors (Axis Auditing) reviews the financial operations as well as the administrative and contractual procedures of the company on a regular basis and reports to the Board.

Emir Aviation currently has several full-time professional staff, many technical staff (full-time and on contract basis), and an adequate number of support staff. Our Management Team has extensive international experience in all regions of the world. Our Management Team comprises:

  • Dr. Pirouz Hamidian-Rad Chairman of the Board and the CEO

    Dr. Pirouz Hamidian-Rad offers over 35 years of international experience in business formation and management, consulting and advisory, team building and management, project development and execution, finance, audit, and economics. An American, Dr. Hamidian-Rad has a Ph.D. in Economics from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC., and 16 years of field experience with the World Bank Group, including 10 years in Africa , 5 years in East Asia and Pacific and one year in Central Asia, as a Principal Economist, Country Team Leader and Program Negotiator. Since 1998, Dr. Hamidian-Rad has held positions as Chief Economic Advisor to several governments and managed a team of over 45 consultants in his own international consulting firm—IKUB Consulting Ltd with offices in the United States. Over the past 15 years, Dr. Hamidian-Rad has developed several airlines— Emir Airlines LLC (KSA) and Eastern Skyjets FZE (UAE)—and aviation—Emir Aviation (UAE)—as well as information technologies companies in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan.

    Email: Phr@EmirAviation.com


  • Eng. Mahtab Bayesteh Towsan Vice President, Hajj and Umrah Operations

    Eng. Bayesteh has over 25 years of international experience in operations and management, business development, and team management. She has a Master’s Degree in German Literature and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering from Tehran University. Eng. Bayesteh has extensive international work experience, including in the UAE, Singapore, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Iran. She has managed a complex project for the Asian Development Bank in Afghanistan, formed an IT company with several international partners, owned, and managed a successful hospitality, travel, and cargo business, and has successfully managed several Hajj air-lifting operations in Asia.

    Email: Mbt@EmirAviation.com


  • Eng. David McLane Vice President, Flight Operations

    Eng. McLane has more than 28 years’ experience in organizational leadership and relationship building, including about 2 years as Deputy CEO of a start-up airline, responsible for the production of operational manuals, and supervision of 6 post-holders, interviewing, screening, and recruiting the flight crew; and deputizing for the CEO in discussion and negotiations with Lessors; 8 years with a Cargo Airline in the UAE as Deputy COO and Director of Flights Operations; 4 years with an airline in the US as Director of Safety and Security, and Director of Training; 6 years with another airline in the US as Manager, Ground Training; and 9 years with US Air Force One Team, as enlisted Air Crew Manager. Eng. McLane has held / is holding Licenses as: GCAA Approved TRE (E) /TRI (E); GCAA Flight Engineer; FAA Approved TRE (E) /TRI (E); FAA Flight Engineer; FAA Airframe & Power Plant; and FAA Private Pilot.

    Email: DMcLane@EmirAviation.com


  • Eng. Ayman Al Sarhani Vice President, Technical Services

    Eng. Ayman Al Sarhani has 25 years of international experience in the UAE, Oman, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, as well as Eastern Europe, as Aircraft maintenance Licensed Engineer, Technical Consultant, and CEO/Accountable Manager of charter airlines and MROs. He is a GCAA CAR 66 Licensed Engineer and EASA Part-66 Licensed Engineer. He is dynamic, result-oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high-paced organizations, utilizing keen analysis and insights and team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices.

    Email: Ayman.Alsarhani@EmirAviation.com


  • Mr. Lars Van Abs Vice President, Charters

    Mr. Van Abs has over 20 years of experience in Finance, Business Development, Contract Negotiations, and Consultancy in the aviation sector, renewable energy projects, financial products development, and hospitality. For the past 10 years he has developed a deep knowledge and a wide and strong, world-wide network in the aircraft leasing, chartering, sales and purchase by working in managerial positions for three aviation finance as well as passenger and cargo aircraft chartering companies, and most recently, with a start-up airline with urgent need for establishing and developing its fleet. Based in the Netherlands, and utilizing his established worldwide network, Lars helps all our clients in meeting their aircraft lease/charter requirements efficiently and speedily.

    Email: Lars@EmirAviation.com


  • Mr. Abdul Qadir Aziz Vice President, Commercial

    Mr. Abdul Qadir Aziz is an aviation industry veteran with over 35 years of hands-on corporate planning to drive gains in revenue, market share and profit performance, he has vast experience in field and airport operation at senior management level with major airlines in the GCC Region, including Gulf Air and Qatar Airways, covering the entire region, including the UAE, KSA, Levant, Iran, Yemen, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. His achievements in the early phases of the start-ups airlines, such as Qatar Airways and RAK Airways, as well as for development of regional offices of well-established airlines such as Qatar Airways, covering the development of the overall commercial strategy, routes development, ticket pricing and revenue models, have earned him a sounding reputation. As the VP-Commercial, Mr. Aziz is responsible for developing and negotiating commercial contracts for Hajj and other charter operations and has successfully carried out several such negotiations including with Air India and also with operators in the KSA.

    Email: Aqaziz@EmirAviation.com


  • Eng. Ahmed Rashid Pirzad Manager, IT and Systems Development

    Eng. Pirzad is a Certified Microsoft & Cisco Engineer with over 12 years of practical, teaching and training, design and team management experience in the Middle-East and GCC Region. His experience spans all aspects of a sound and efficient IT strategy, including the design of a comprehensive and cost effective network infrastructure, data management, security, wireless and mobile communication, software upgrading and web development, VSAT, PABX and firewalls. He has designed and supervised numerous projects for hotel chains, aviation services and airlines, and other IT and wireless communication organizations.

    Email: Rpirzad@EmirAviation.com