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Emir Aviation Services International offers comprehensive Aviation Consultancy & Support Services

Emir Aviation Services International offers comprehensive Aviation Consultancy & Support Services to clients seeking expert guidance and assistance in various aspects of the aviation industry. With our wealth of experience and industry knowledge, we provide tailored consultancy solutions to meet the specific needs of airlines, aircraft operators, aviation businesses, and industry stakeholders.

From regulatory compliance and safety management to fleet optimization and strategic planning, our team of seasoned professionals offers invaluable insights and recommendations to help clients navigate the complexities of the aviation landscape successfully.

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Understanding the Economics of Aircraft Maintenance:

For those who study the airline industry, and more specifically, aircraft maintenance, it is a well-known fact that airlines are not in the aircraft maintenance business. However, the importance of quality, compliant, cost-effective maintenance cannot be overstated. Estimates for the total cost of aircraft maintenance range from 10% to 15% of an air carrier’s budget.

Economics of scale has an impact on the decision to outsource maintenance. Each individual airline must determine the point at which there is a positive return on the investment in maintenance capability. Large air carriers with hundreds of aircraft can justify the investment for a multi-level maintenance capability. However, an airline with a relatively small fleet may not have the capital, desire, or need to establish a multi-level maintenance program. This is particularly true for start-up air carriers and low-cost carriers (LCC).

If you require further insights or assistance navigating the complexities of aircraft maintenance outsourcing, Emir Aviation Services International is here to support you. Our expert consultancy services are tailored to meet the unique needs of airlines, regardless of fleet size or operational scale. Contact us today for personalized guidance and comprehensive support in optimizing your maintenance strategies.

A 2019 Livestock Export-A Project Proposal by Emir Aviation Services International

Overview of the Project Proposal
Structural Design of Main Deck Compartment for Livestock Cargo Aircraft
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