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Emir Aviation’s Board of Directors is chaired by Dr. Pirouz Hamidian-Rad and includes prominent members of the aviation industry and investors. The Board provides the framework for, and oversees the operations of, the company. The Chairman of the Board also functions as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. A team of external auditors (Axis Auditing) reviews the financial operations as well as the administrative and contractual procedures of the company on a regular basis and reports to the Board.

Emir Aviation currently has several full-time professional staff, many technical staff (full-time and on contract basis), and an adequate number of support staff. Our Management Team has extensive international experience in all regions of the world. Our Management Team comprises:

Dr. Pirouz Hamidian-Rad
Chairman of the Board and the CEO

Dr. Pirouz Hamidian-Rad offers over 35 years of international experience in business formation and management, consulting and advisory, team building and management, project development and execution, finance, audit, and economics. An American, Dr. Hamidian-Rad has a Ph.D. in Economics from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC., and 16 years of field experience with the World Bank Group, including 10 years in Africa , 5 years in East Asia and Pacific and one year in Central Asia, as a Principal Economist, Country Team Leader and Program Negotiator. Since 1998, Dr. Hamidian-Rad has held positions as Chief Economic Advisor to several governments and managed a team of over 45 consultants in his own international consulting firm—IKUB Consulting Ltd with offices in the United States. Over the past 15 years, Dr. Hamidian-Rad has developed several airlines— Emir Airlines LLC (KSA) and Eastern Skyjets FZE (UAE)—and aviation—Emir Aviation (UAE)—as well as information technologies companies in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan.

Email: Phr@EmirAviation.com

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